Festival Programme


Kilmuckridge Drama Festival 

Kilmuckridge Memorial Hall

Under the Auspices of the Amateur Drama Council of Ireland

New Tiered Seating in our Theatre


Friday 24th February –Saturday 4th March 2017


Adjudicator: Mr. Jim Wolstencroft

Friday 24th February

“The Shadow Of A Gunman" by Sean O'Casey
Performed by: Kilmuckridge Drama Group (Open Section)

Synopsis:Donal Davoren and Seamus Shields are room mates in a Dublin Tenement.  For no particular reason Donal is looked upon by the other residents of the tenements as being a gunman in the service of the Irish Republican Party, but he is merely a dreaming poet who rather enjoys the mystery that has been built up around him.  One of the Reoublicans calls on Donal Seamus and leaves a bag containing bombs in their rooms.  When the house is raided by the auxiliaries, Minnie Powell, a friend offers to hide the bag in her room, never dreaming that they would search her.  But the deed is discovered and Minnie while trying to resist is shot.


Saturday 25th February

“The Trappe Family” by Seamus O'Rourke
Performed by: Sillan Players (Confined Section)

Synopsis: Sylvester Trappe fell off his garage roof five years ago and died.  Every year since then his wife drags her three sons and one daughter up to the same rooftop to commemorate his death and some of his life.  This play is about family in the Northwest of Ireland on a rooftop in 2007 looking out over the town and themselves, so much has changed, so much has not......


Sunday 26th February

“Last Of The Red Hot Lovers” by Neil Simon
Performed by: Schull Drama Group, Co. Cork  (Confined Section)

Synopsis: "Last Of The Red Hot Lovers" is one of the most amusing of Neil Simon's comedies.  It focuses on Barney Cashman a middle aged, married and overworked as he begins to feel a desire for sexual adventure.  Over a nine month period, he invites three women to his mother's apartment to have an afternoon of extramarital sex.  The first Elaine Navaris proves to be a bundles of neuroses: Bobbi Michele is next, a kooky 20 something year old actress; finally Jeannette Fisher, a gloomy, depressed housewife who is married to Barney's best friend.  Will Barney's attempts at seduction be a success?


Monday 27th February

“Hedda Gabler” by Mark O'Rowe
Performed by: Kilrush Drama Group, Co. Wexford (Open Section)

Synopsis: Hedda Gabler is something to everyone, yet has no idea who she is to herself.  Trapped by convention and by her own irreconciliable nature, will she have the resolve to shape her own destiny?  Mark O'Rowe brings his unique linguistic style to this new adaptation.


Tuesday 28th February

“Lay Me Down Softly” by Billy Roche
Performed by: Ballycogley Players, Co. Wexford (Confined Section)

Synopsis:Set in the early 1960s Ireland.  "Lay Me Down Softly" takes us into the burlesque world of the carnival and the boxing academy of Delaney's Travelling Roadshow with its intriguing cast of characters.  It is owned by Theo Delaney, with all newcomners invited to match their fists against the unbeaten resident fighter Dean.  The arrival of Emer, Theo's long lost daughter and a challenge from a professional boxer about to change everything in the rundown sideshow forever.  It is a mythical tale of love, loss and pain suffused with Roche's trademark blend of humour and pathos.


Wednesday 1st March

“An Inspector Calls" by J.B. Priestly
Performed by: Bridge Drama, Co. Wexford (Open Section)

 Synopsis: When Inspector Goole calls at the Birling home their engagement party is shattered by his investigation into the death of a young woman.  His revelations shake the very foundations of their lives.  Across the decades, this classic and ever popular play resonates strongly with the modern audience, with its hard hitting observations on the issues of gender and class.  

Setting: The dining room of the Birling's house in Brumley, an industrial town in the North Midlands of England.  It is an evening in 1912.

Thursday 2nd March

“Portia Coughlan” by Marina Carr
Performed by: Wexford Drama Group (Open Section)

Synopsis: On her 30th birthday Portia Coughlan hears the voice of her twin Gabriel who is long since dead.  This sets in motion a series of events which ends in serious consequences.


Friday 3rd March

“The Play About the Baby” by Edward Albee
Performed by: Prosperous Dramatic Society (Open Section)

Synopsis: The play opens in a version of Eden, with the boy and girl who is pregnant.  The girl gives birth to the baby.  Soon a middle aged couple, the man and woman appear..... witty, cryptic, part puzzle play, part vaudeville, the play is essential Albee and shows the major dramatist now deceased continuing a career of experimentation that has always been very European in its absurdist embrace and subsequent disregard for naturalism.  This funny, harrowing dramatic fable which features a four member ensemble is as explicit and concise a statement of what Mr. Albee believes as he is ever likely to deliver.  It is presented in the form of what he called a cosmic vaudeville, in which two old pros in this old world teach a pair of young adults just how bleak and dangerous the universe can be. 


Saturday 4th March

“The Telephone Exchange” by Niamh Gleeson
Performed by: Take 5, Co. Cork (Confined Section)

Synopsis: The Telephone Exchange follows the lives of four telephonists working at The Dublin Exchange in 1963.  The long hours and colourful calls they are privy to at work offer a welcome distraction from their own personal dramas.  While they all share a passion for JFK and eavesdropping on the lives of others, theya re each dealing with their own individual dilemma which precipitates multiple moments of hilarious comedy with an extra helping of beautifully poignant moments. 


Show starts Nightly at 8:00pm

Tickets available at the door each night

Admission Prices:

Adults: €10

Children: €5

Season tickets for 9 nights €60

Festival Club Nightly in Upton Court Hotel till Late